Yailu settlement online
29 марта 2012 года

Yailu settlement online The first ever skype web conference of Science and Engineering Board was held in Yailu settlement, the central manor of the Altaiskiy Reserve. For numerous Internet users it might not be big news today, but the remoteness of the settlement that had no telephone communication three years ago sure does make the news significant and worthy of interest.

Satellite Internet was installed in Yailu settlement in 2010 with the financial support from the Russian Office of UNICEF within the framework of the Teletskaya school of youth ecotourism of the Altaiskiy Biosphere Reserve, which bridged the gap between Reserve’s employees living in the settlement and the outside world. Electricity in Yailu is still produced by a diesel generator and distributed according to the schedule.

Thus, the online conference that united the Altaiskiy Reserve’s employees in Gorno-Altaisk and in Yailu settlement marked the technological revolution and a turning point in the history of the Reserve.

The conference agenda of the Science and Engineering Board included issues related to 2011 results of the Reserve, 2012 work schedule elaborated in accord with the approved state target, and the action plan for celebrating the 80th anniversary of the Altaiskiy Reserve.

With live communication still on the priority list, web conferences were recognized crucial for further online communication potentially involving Reserve’s employees from Artybash settlement.


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