Website of the WWF and Altaiskiy Reserve Friends ecological club launched
15 марта 2012 года

Website of the WWF and Altaiskiy Reserve Friends ecological club launched  Website of the WWF and Altaiskiy Reserve Friends ecological club “Aiuchak” launched.
Aiuchak club (Aiuchak is the Altaic for “a bear cub”) was established in 2006 under the auspices of the Municipal Budgetary General Education Institution – secondary school №12 in Gorno-Altaisk. The club undertakes annual child scientific expeditions in the Altaiskiy Reserve. Results of summer field works become constituent parts of researches used by children for presentations at non-state educational establishment workshops as well as presentations for pupils of their own school and other schools. The club publishes its own paper distributed among pupils of the school.

The website of the Friends club is the result of multi-year united efforts of club’s participants, staff of the Altaiskiy Reserve and WWF. The site contains information from the history of the club, namely the initial stages of its founding and cooperation with the Altaiskiy Reserve, the WWF club’s most interesting projects and expeditions to the Reserve – all wonderfully organized and presented in participants’ stories and photo reports.

Levchenko Vladimir Yurievich, the Head of the club, is the honorary worker of general education of the Russian Federation. More detailed information about the club and its activities including various ecological events can be found on the club’s website

The Altaiskiy Reserve has its own movement of Reserve Friends uniting all similar clubs. The history of the Altaiskiy Reserve Friends movement started with the establishment of the first Altaiskiy Reserve Friends club “Argalyonok” (argali calf) in Yailu settlement. At the beginning of 2008 the club published its first newspaper issue “Altaiskiy Reserve area” and in February 2008 it was decided to further develop the movement of the Altaiskiy Reserve Friends under a common name “The Bear Footprint”. The movement unites all supporters and friends of the Altaiskiy reserve willing to render real assistance to the protected area. Its first participants are people devoted to the mission of protecting reserve areas and preserving one of the most beautiful places on our planet through maintaining the nature balance, which becomes especially urgent at a time when a man faces a spiritual dilemma between economic development and protection of nature. The name of the movement “The Bear Footprint” symbolizes both the country and the endless taiga. Currently the movement unites several separate Altaiskiy Reserve Friends clubs.


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