Ice city built in Bele cordon
26 марта 2012 года

Ice city built in Bele cordon This year grownups of the Bele cordon united their efforts and built an ice city, a skating rink and a slide for their children.

Bele cordon of the Altaiskiy Reserve is cut off from the outside world by waters of Lake Teletskoye and rough taiga. From November through May - when navigation stops and severe storms set in - this small settlement lives an isolated life.

Bele cordon is mostly populated by staff members of the Reserve and its meteorological station, who live there with their families. All in all there are 20 grownups and 11 children living in five houses of the cordon. Some people attend a secondary school in Yailu settlement. Bele children’s basic entertainment in the winter time is sliding down the frozen spring course. This year, children’s parents united their efforts and built an ice city, a skating rink and a slide. Sergey Baikalov, a power plant employee, made a wonderful ice sculpture of a horse adding even more magic to the overall atmosphere of kids and grownups’ ultimate joy. The vividly demonstrated unity of local population in a remote settlement is one of the targets of the Public Board of Bele cordon initiated by its local population and supported by the administration of the Altaiskiy Reserve. This development is one more evidence of the fact that our life and the life of our children depends solely on us and our initiative.

N.A. Shichkova, Bele cordon


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