March 14 – The International Day of Action for Rivers, Water and Life
14 марта 2012 года

March 14 – The International Day of Action for Rivers, Water and Life  This day’s motto is “For rivers, water and life!”, and the slogan – “Let water bring life, not death”. The Altaiskiy Reserve congratulates all colleagues, partners and everyone who understands that water is one of our true and basic values and the heritage that needs protection and respect.

On this day all ecologists’ actions are targeted at raising public awareness of global issues related to the conservation of our planet’s water resources, and at emphasizing the role of water for the Earth’s biosphere. Large amounts of freshwater protected by the state are found in nature reserves.

Water bodies of the Altaiskiy Reserve occupy a total area of 28,623.1 ha*, with the Teletskoye Lake basin accounting for almost a half of the total - 11,757 ha. The Teletskoye Lake is the Siberia’s largest freshwater reservoir. Estimates of the Institute for Water and Environmental Problems of the Siberian Branch of RAS suggest that the Teletskoye Lake could easily satisfy Russia’s 3-year freshwater demand (with 250 liters per RF citizen per day). Apart from that, the Lake is very beautiful. Its shores are very alluring – they are inviting everyone to sit and listen to its waves and soak up its energy and wisdom.

Besides the Lake there are lots of other sources of positive energy and crystal clear water in the reserve – numerous springs and creeks bring their clear cold waters to the Lake. Watershed plateaus host high-mountain lakes, of which the largest is 10km-long Dzhulukul Lake located at the mouth of the Chulyshman river, overlooking the place from the height of 2,200 meters. The lake is the nesting ground for various bird species and also a spawning ground for the most valuable fish species of the Altai Mountains.

One more name of this ecological event is “The Day of Action Against Dams”. It was inspired by the participants of the First International Meeting of People Affected by Dams that took place on 14 March, 1997 in Curitiba, Brazil. The participants of the meeting declared: “We are strong and united, and our cause is just! To symbolize our growing unity, we declare that 14 March, the Brazilian Day of Struggles Against Dams, will from now on become the International Day of Action Against Dams and for Rivers, Water and Life!”.

* materials of the Altaiskiy State Nature Reserve Territory and Activity Management project approved and sanctioned by the Federal State Unitary Enterprise “West Siberian Forest Construction Company”, Novosibirsk, 2004


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