Spring training camp at Lake Teletskoye
26 марта 2012 года

Spring training camp at Lake Teletskoye  On the eve of the Vernal Equinox the Yailu settlement yailu.ru, the central manor of the Altaiskiy Biosphere Reserve, hosted the annual interseasonal training camp for the Republican station of young tourists launched within the framework of the Teletskaya school of youth ecotourism “Guardians of the Lake” www.hraniteliozera.ru. The training camp welcomed ecotourists with practical experience in organizing and undertaking environmental and research expeditions on Lake Teletskoye and in the Altaiskiy Reserve. Practical course on ecotourism familiarized the camp participants with the basics of setting up a field camp in winter conditions, safety precautions relating to movement over Teletskoye Lake ice, history of the excursion program “Yailu walks or the summer pasture heritage”, and information tools targeted at the program’s upgrade.

Particular consideration was given to discussing the rules of conduct in a specially protected area, launching a universal itinerary targeted at large-scale redefining of projects and programs of the Teletskaya school “Guardians of the Lake”, as well as discussing active ecotourism potential for upbringing and educating the young generation and promoting physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle among Russia’s youth.

At the end of a radial trip to Vas’kina Mountain ecotourists presented the Teletskoye Lake with a joyous snowman - Guardian of the Mountain – which was made to mark the beginning of the new astrological year – the Vernal Equinox.

The Altaiskiy Biosphere Reserve hosts the interseasonal training camp for ecotourists for the third year in a row. The camp is organized within the framework of Teletskaya school’s project “Altyn-Kol trail” as part of The Lake of Wonders program www.hraniteliozera.ru/index.php/projects/tropa-a.
Traditional banya and body- and soul-refreshing plunge pool of Lake Teletskoye closed the set of training camp events.

Yevgeniy Veselovskiy,

Program coordinator for the Teletskaya school of youth ecotourism “Guardians of the lake” of the Altaiskiy Biosphere Reserve


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