16 April 2012 — the 80th anniversary of the Altaiskiy State Nature Biosphere Reserve
16 апреля 2012 года

16 April 2012 — the 80th anniversary of the Altaiskiy State Nature Biosphere Reserve
 The blowing of candles on the occasion of each birthday is one
of the most revealing rituals of human kind. It is through this ritual that man
recalls that he can create fire, and then extinguish it with his breath. 
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Dear friends, colleagues and partners!

On 16 April 2012 the Altaiskiy Reserve – Altai’s nature sanctuary 
 celebrates the 80th anniversary of its founding! We extend our sincere congratulations on the occasion to all who share the joy of listening to the mountain wind playing with tops of Altai cedars, Siberian stags’ mating calls in the autumn taiga, spawning splashes of grayling in Lake Dzhulukul and the winter chime of Lake Teletskoye!


Just like any other old-timer, the Altaiskiy Reserve has seen a lot in its long life – it was disbanded twice and each time resurrected. The Altaiskiy Reserve was one of 88 USSR reserves (out of 128) that were disbanded in autumn 1951. In 1958 it was reestablished, but not for long – in 1961 it joined many other specially protected nature territories swallowed by a new wave of liquidations. Still, in 1961 the scientific community managed to highlight the importance of protecting the nature of Gorny Altai and the necessity to bring the Altaiskiy Nature Reserve back to life. Each resurrection entailed the loss of territory, which, nonetheless, wasn’t very painful. Occupying an area of 871,000 ha*, the Altaiskiy Reserve still remains one of Russia’s largest nature reserves.

The Altaiskiy Reserve harbors more than 1,500 higher vascular plant species, of which 20 species are registered in the Red Data Book of the Russian Federation. The Reserve is home to 16 fish species, 333 bird species, 50 of which are registered in the Red Data Book of the Altai Republic and 35 species – in the Red Data Book of the Russian Federation.   Of 70 mammal species found in the Reserve 11 species are registered in the Red Data Books of the Russian Federation and the Altai Republic. Presently, the Altaiskiy Reserve is the internationally-recognized environmental, research and ecological institution of federal significance.  The Reserve is known all over the world for its diverse activity, namely, protection of Altai’s plant and animal life, an extended record of successful research projects, scientific and environmental education of local population and the conservation of the uniquely precious and stunningly beautiful Teletskoye Lake and its basin.

A number of anniversary celebration events will be held to mark the occasion, namely:

1) publication of the book of poems and stories devoted to the 80th anniversary of the Altaiskiy Reserve and the 200th  anniversary of Yailu settlement;
   photo exhibition of the best photographs;
  international conference “Children and the Environment: Health, Education, Ecology";
4)  open competition of creative works among schoolchildren and students of the Altai Republic;
5) holiday devoted to the 200th anniversary of Yailu settlement, the central manor of the Altaiskiy Reserve (www.yailu.ru), and many other interesting and joyful events.



*from publications of I.A Filus, a staff member of the Altaiskiy Reserve



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